Charlie's Angels

Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angels 1976-1981

Sabrina Duncan, Kelly Garrett and Jill Monroe were all graduates of the Los Angeles Police Academy. However, rather than do meaningful police work like their male counterparts, they are given menial jobs such as meter maid (Sabrina), crossing guard (Kelly) and typist (Jill). Reclusive millionaire Charlie Townsend hires the trio to work for his private investigation agency. Their only contact with him is through the phone and through his right hand man John Bosley. In the course of their duties they often go undercover to try to get the goods on the various criminals they go after. A year after joining the firm, Jill quits the agency to become a driver on the Formula-1 circuit and is replaced by her kid sister Kris, who originally was going to be a teacher, but followed in her big sister’s footsteps and became a police officer herself in San Francisco, but like her big sister was given menial duties. A couple of years later Sabrina quits to get married and start a family and is replaced by former Boston policewoman Tiffany Wells. Tiffany quits a year after joining the firm and was replaced by ex-model Julie Rogers.

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